Personal Styling

Here at Vintage Martini, we are always asked if we are a vintage store or a designer resale store. I say BOTH! That’s what makes us so unique!

Many people love the idea of wearing vintage clothing, but don’t know how to do it without looking like they’re wearing a costume. It’s all about knowing how to mix the old with the new and we’re here to help!

Sure, we can shop the mall for an outfit that all of your friends have seen or already own. But why do that when we can put an outift together that will have heads turning and people asking “who are you wearing”.

Let’s put together a fabulous look that’s not off the mannequin at the local boutique. It’s fun to find the perfect 1950′s little black dress, mix it with a killer pair of new Loubouton’s and finish with a pair of 1990′s Chanel earrings from a local consignment store! It’s all about making it fun and looking fabulous!

Please feel free to contact us with pricing information.


Have you ever wondered what your collection is worth? We offer full, written appraisals on one item to entire collections in town or out of state.

Many people and organizations have no idea that what they have can be so valuable. We have helped many individuals, private collectors and schools get an idea of what they have and the value. We can also help in teaching you how to care for your collection so it will retain and hopefully escalate in value.

We are schooled in fashion history and have been in the vintage clothing business for over 15 years Values assigned are in line with current market pricing of our in-store, show and auction research.

Closet Cleaning

Are you lost when you walk into your closet and need help?

We offer that help! Together, we can get your closet cleaned and more organized.

It’s not as scary as it sounds. Most of the time a person just needs another eye to help them say “Keep” or “Go Away”. We also have a seamstress handy to make those favorite, but out of date garments new again.

We also help you decide where the best place is to take your discards to. Consign? Sell? Donate? If there’s a market for your old clothes, let’s find a place for you to make some “fun money”!