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Whiting & Davis

1920s Striped Metal Mesh Bag

1920s Striped Metal Mesh Bag

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Year: 1920s

Label:  Unlabeled

Color: Silver & Black

Fabric: Metal Mesh

Lining, Unlined

Measurements: Width-3" / Height-8"

Handle Drop- 5 3/4" 

Description: This vintage metal mesh bag offers a unique and unusual style that stands out from the typical designs of its era. The slender bag features a decorative frame, delicate chain strap, and silver mesh with a painted black design down the front and delicate fringe along the bottom. Additionally, separate panels hang down the sides, painted in stripes, and adorned with decorative weights at the bottom points, each featuring a cobalt stone at the center. This bag is a perfect choice for those looking to make a statement with their accessory choice while still embracing a vintage aesthetic.

Condition: Some tarnish and one of the stones is missing. A couple hooks in the mesh at the hinge have come loose. 

Item: #104023

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