BOTTEGA VENETA-Pink Beaded Suede Blouse, Size-10

Bottega Veneta


Gorgeous pink, almost lilac blouse in a yummy, buttery suede. The blouse has a scoop neckline with a center front notch. Chest yoke is attached in tan pick stitching. The yoke is dotted in sparkling gold nuggets.  The blouse falls in four pants down the body with diagonal bust darts from the side seams.  A matching band along the bottom of the blouse is attached in pick stitching and has a center front notch. Long, set in sleeves end in appliqué cuffs.  The blouse is unlined.

Condition: Minor soiling on the cuffs from wear.  The blouse was hung strangely and there are clip hanger marks on either side of the center front in the lower blouse. 

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